Privacy Discussion – Notes from the 24th July Lunchtime Seminar

(cc)Wiertz Sébastien

(cc)Wiertz Sébastien

By Phil Mullen.

NSW ALLA had another full house at the privacy discussion by CCH’s Anne Wardell. Big thanks to Warwick Johns for providing the room.

From March 2014 extensive amendments will dramatically change the existing Privacy Act. The reforms are primarily aimed at credit reporting agencies and direct marketing companies.
Under Part 3B the credit reporting agencies will be required to develop a privacy code. Industries and organisations will also be able to develop individual privacy codes.
Under the legislation a new Office of the Australian Information Commissioner will be established. The new organisation will have extensive new powers to apply to the courts for undertakings and fines for breaches of the Act.

Substantial new penalties will/should focus the collective minds of organisations and directors. It will be interesting to see who is the first organisation or director to run afoul of this new legislation.

Generally organisations will need to be more careful with handing over information and will need strategies in place when collecting personal information. The ALRC is looking at whether we should have a tort of privacy at the moment.

If you need further information please email Anne at CCH or see Anne’s White Paper.

Privacy Reforms – White Paper by Anne Wardell

Phil Mullen Library and Information Services Manager Sydney K&L Gates

Meeting Details
Privacy Discussion by Anne Wardell CCH Deputy Editor in Chief, Law & Business. Held at Thomsons Lawyers on Wednesday the 24th of July 2013.


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