LexisNexis eLending solution: A review.


By Phil Mullen

At our recent CPD the NSW ALLA Group looked at how the new LexisNexis (LN) eLending solution worked. In attendance from LN were James Milenkovic, eLending Product Manager and Sue Ann Yap, Relationship Director for Large Law.

Sue introduced the eLending platform program by showing us how easy it was to borrow and lend eBooks. The process was very simple and seamless, she was able to lend a couple of eBook during the session. See the screen shot from the iPad.

At the moment we are only able lend the loose-leaf practice material on LexisNexis Red. Later next year all eBooks will be made available. Both Sue and James were able to answer many technical questions about access and costs and we thank them for their time.

I suppose the issue now is to try and determine whether we have a market for lending eBooks in our Libraries and Information Services Departments. There is certainly demand for mobile services and our clients are certainly more mobile. But does this mean eBooks fit into how our lawyers work? Obviously we are in a period of transition and how this plays out is very difficult to determine. But what cannot be denied is that we can all now offer to eLend our loose-leaf services and mark our ground as technological innovators.


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