Stakeholder Engagement – Half day workshop

ALLA NSW and Wolters Kluwer invite you to attend a half day seminar on stakeholder engagement for libraries.

Presented by Nerida Hart from Hart Knowledge, the workshop will provide you with the tools to target your time and energy for the most effective outcomes within your organisation.

Through this session you will learn techniques and identify methodologies to engage stakeholders in ways which are aligned with your organisational culture. You will also learn how to evaluate the impact of these engagement techniques to ensure continuous improvement.

Who should attend?

Professionals working special libraries who need to effectively target the influential stakeholders to demonstrate how library services are making a difference and what is the real ROI of the organisation investing in library/information services.

What will you learn?

  • Discover how to undertake a stakeholder segmentation for your organisation.
  • Understand the differences between information management and knowledge management and where librarians are truly value-add in their organisation
  • Learn why collecting data on library usage does not give you the true value of your library/information/knowledge service to your organisation.
  • Apply some new techniques which you can put into practice immediately for evaluating your new stakeholder engagement practices and services.
  • Become skilled at communicating to your manager(s) the true ROI of the services you provide.

Part of this event will also be online!

In addition to the half day workshop there will also be online discussion hosted on the ALLA eLearning LinkedIn Group from 20 May to 3 June.

Open to all members of the Association, Nerida and the ALLA NSW Committee will get your minds in the stakeholder engagement headspace to ensure that you get the most out of the session. The online discussion will be providing all members with a basic understanding of stakeholder engagement.


Contact us at


Workshop: 1pm to 6pm, Wednesday 27th May 2015

Online discussion: 20 May – 3 June 2015.

How much:

$100 for current ALLA or ALIA members.

$200 for non-members.


By 15 May 2015 to

 More details? Take a look at the Brochure.


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